Clockwise from top left: The Features’ keyboardist, Mark Bond; drummer Rollum Haas; guitarist/vocalist Matthew Pelham and bassist Roger Dabbs
Jonathon Kingsbury
According to The Features frontman Matthew Pelham, the band’s new self-titled album (Serpents and Snakes, $12) came together much faster than its three earlier full-length releases. “With previous records, we would play songs live for months before we would step into a studio,” he says. “With this one, we didn’t allow ourselves that luxury. We just sort of said, ‘Let’s commit to things and not second-guess what we’re doing.’ ” American Way caught up with Pelham as the Nashville-based quartet, whose song “From Now On” was featured on the soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, preps for a year of heavy touring behind the record.

On The Features’ sound: “We’re sort of hard to pin, just because we have a lot of influences coming from every direction and every member of the band. You could say we sound like a rock band, and then sometimes we sound like a punk band or a blues band. It sounds pretty eclectic in the end.”

On his favorite track on the new record: “I think my favorite track right now is ‘Rotten.’ It’s a really simple song. I just like the overall mood that it sets.”

On his influences: “I would say that Bob Dylan and The Kinks specifically have been really big influences on me, and that goes to show how the other guys — and what they bring to what I do — changes [our sound].”