Lunch is Served

These following sandwich spots are local favorites for a plateful of reasons.

Chicago: One longtime resident simply lit up when recommending the veggie-friendly (and ever-so-pretty) M. Henry. Worry not, meat eaters won't feel left out - the chicken salad is a thing of beauty. 5707 North Clark Street, (773) 561-1600

Las Vegas: Denizens of Sin City hit the jackpot when chef Tom Colicchio decided to open an outpost of his NYC upscale sandwich chainlet, 'Wichcraft, in the Studio Walk at the MGM Grand. Get the grilled Gruyère-and-caramelized-onions on rye. Seriously. 3799 South Las Vegas Boulevard, (877) 880-0880

Vancouver: Passionate about a sandwich? One Vancouverite goes beyond agog when professing her love for the cucumber and Cambozola-cheese-on-walnut-bread sandwich at Terra Breads. 2380 West Fourth Avenue, (604) 736-1838

Austin: Regular old roast beef? Not. At Sweetish Hill Bakery & Café, they use Kobe beef for their sandwiches. Now that's fancy. 1120 West Sixth Street, (512) 472-1347

San Francisco: Lee's Deli. Don't let this chain's cheap-and-speedy rep get you down. They're all over the place for a good reason: Locals love Lee's. 648 Market Street, (415) 421-0648