As nice as it would be to buy a new outfit (or, even better, several new outfits) every few weeks, who are we kidding? Budget and a lack of time usually prevent us from enjoying such a luxury. That is exactly why the new online fashion service Le Tote is so brilliant. For just $49 a month, you can receive an unlimited number of new, designer-quality pieces with no late fee or specific return date. Just fill out a short style profile (including your measurements, like bust, hips, waist, etc.), and a few days later, a tote containing three tailored-to-you garments and two accessories arrives on your doorstep. Wear the pieces as long as you’d like, and whenever you’re ready for some new looks, just toss the unwashed garments back in the tote and drop it in the mail. Shipping is free both ways, and there’s no limit to how many totes you can receive per month. If you happen to really, really like that cute cocktail dress, no problem — all of the items are available for purchase. Just keep it, and you’ll be billed later.

Each tote contains items ranging from $15 to $100