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In addition to its green initiatives, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is also helping its guests stay in shape (and save space in their suitcases) while on the road. The hotel company’s latest guest benefit, Fairmont Fit, offers Adidas ClimaLite workout apparel and shoes, a yoga mat with stretch band, and a Creative Zen MP3 player (preloaded with jammin’ playlists from EMI Music), all delivered directly to guests’ rooms whenever they need them. The gear can be used in-room or at the gym, or guests can take to the great outdoors with it. And, if they fall in love with their new duds and/or gear — which, let’s face it, is pretty likely — any of the items can be purchased. Fairmont Fit is available to all members of the Fairmont President’s Club (for a small fee) and is complimentary for Premier and Platinum members. www.fairmont.com