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We all have that friend — the one who does regular laps at our favorite store and who is always the first to know when that shoe we had no business buying at full price goes on sale. Frantic calls are placed, discussions ensue and, when the stars align, a purchase is made. That process, while perfect for the shopping version of adrenaline junkies, isn’t the most efficient. Enter Glimpse. Available through Facebook, it’s an app by TheFind that compiles a stream of retail catalogs (of sorts) for its users based on the things they and their friends “like.” They can browse, “like” and buy items the app has magically selected for them, as well as create and share catalogs they design and fill with their favorite products. This holiday season, Glimpse is upping the savings ante by offering Universal Price Alerts — emails sent to users informing them when an item they have “liked” goes on sale. We “love” that.

Available on Facebook and iPad via Facebook Connect.