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Beer drinkers: This bike’s for you. Think we’re kidding? Grab a cold one and read on. Colorado-based ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours is hosting a VIP bicycle tour through Belgium Aug. 23–30 (with the option to extend until Sept. 2), and the express purpose is to visit the country’s most revered (and generally inaccessible) breweries. Co-led by Jeff Lebesch, who founded New Belgium Brewing (think Fat Tire ale), the tour begins in Brussels. From there, each 30- to 55-mile-per-day ride takes cyclists “straight to hops heaven,” says ExperiencePlus! co-owner Maria Elena Price, with planned visits to Trappist and lambic — wild-yeast-fermented sour beer — breweries. But it’s not all about suds. “Belgium is underrated when it comes to WWI and European history,” Price says. Thus, those with enough stamina can also take advantage of planned stops at the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Brugge and Tournai, along with important WWI sites such as Flanders Field. Those whose preference leans more toward frosty mugs take note: The optional Sept. 2 extension coincides with the annual Brussels Beer Festival. From $3,395, (800) 685-4565 or (970) 484-8489, www.experienceplus.com/tours