OUTDOORS "My favorite place would be the parks. You've got beautiful parks in London. From where I live, I can walk down into Regent's Park and cross the whole of the park and within 20 minutes be in the center of town. It's a beautiful park, well looked after, and it's a big space. That and Hyde Park are
really our Central Parks."

DINNER "I was taken to Pied-à-Terre by a producer friend of mine, and it's probably the best food in London. It's very small. The food is unbelievable. I had a seared scallops starter. Then I had a lamb dish. They've got the perfect balance, where the food is unsurpassable and yet it's not all about the food. Casa Frattini is a small Italian restaurant in Notting Hill that's always absolutely packed. It's very dark with a fantastic atmosphere and fantastic Italian food. You can imagine someone's Italian grandmother is in the back making the food."

THEATER "My favorite theater in London is the Hampstead. It's the first new theater since the 1970s that's been built in London."

NIGHTLIFE "I go to Ronnie Scott's. It's steeped in history, a proper old club the likes of which you don't get anymore. I would think it'd be the world's premier jazz club. There's a lot of jazz played in PizzaExpress restaurants in London. You sit and eat pizza and listen to some trio.
I like to go to the PizzaExpress on The Beatles' famous Abbey Road. It's near the Abbey Road Studios, which is great. The graffiti is fantastic outside the studios.
It's whitewashed every couple of months
or so, and then immediately after there's
a fresh amount of graffiti about The
Beatles. It's a shrine now to The Beatles."