CULTURE "The Tate Modern - I just love that building. I think it's phenomenal what they've done with this big, industrial space. They've turned it into somewhere that's really nice to visit. On the big downward ramp going into the building, you'll often see people sitting on the edge of it, reading papers and chatting. There's something about the scale of it. It's quite exciting to be standing in that big of a building, with that much space around."

LUNCH "Go down to South Bank, on the River Thames, where the Royal Festival Hall and The National Theatre are. There are cafes and restaurants all over the place. Very often we go down there for lunch because they have a huge foyer and jazz bands playing at lunchtime. There are free concerts at the lunch hour. It's a very rich place for the arts - and sandwiches. Otherwise, Le Caprice is very lively and slightly more showbizzy than The Ivy. Feels a little piano bar, you know."

SHOPPING "Mr. Eddie makes my suits. He's on Berwick Street in Soho, and he makes the finest suits in London. I bought a couple of mod suits from Carnaby Street, which you can buy cheaply there, and I took them to Mr. Eddie and he made me some mod suits with original '60s fabric. I wore one of them to the première of Moulin Rouge in Cannes. I took great pride that when a reporter asked, 'Who are you wearing?' I was able to say, 'Mr. Eddie, Berwick Street.' On Carnaby Street, there's Merc, a '60s fashion house. It's a fantastic place, like stepping back in time. You wish you'd arrived on a Vespa scooter. Notting Hill is great for shopping. We do a lot of our grocery shopping there. There's the Caelt Gallery, a good place to buy art, fantastic Russian and central Asian art that the owner has collected on trips."