DINNER "I go to The Ivy, and I go to The Ivy, and I go to The Ivy. The Ivy's somewhere I was taken by my uncle when I would come down to London when I was 14. And it was definitely the place to be seen. It's become very familiar to me. It's kind of an old friend. They do a mixed Oriental hors d'oeuvres, which I would start with. They do fantastic dressed crab. Then they do incredible overcooked beef in ale, really slow cooked and tender and beautiful. But their ultimate dish is their crispy duck watercress salad."

NIGHTLIFE "I don't frequent pubs anymore, but when I did there was The Intrepid Fox, which is only for the brave-hearted. It's kind of a punk/grunge/cycle bar. It's full of the most extraordinary people, and they play very loud rock. Now, after dinner, I go to Bar Italia, a coffee bar in Soho. They do the best coffee there, and they have Italian television on a big screen. It's ridiculously expensive and quite small, but they've got seating outside. I ride motorcycles, and every week they have a classic biker's night and there are a hundred motorcycles parked out on the street."


SIGHTS "Soho is where my business is based. The movie industry is all housed in Soho. And I like nothing better than wandering around Soho. It's getting harder and harder to do, because I've made too many films. But I still love it more than anything. Greek Street, Old Compton Street, Wardour Street, and Berwick Street market - that whole area. The fruit and vegetable market is at the southern end of Berwick Street, and you'll see all sort of people there. There are a few good Polish sandwich shops in Soho, too. You'll find them. Lots of pubs and restaurants and the movie business, really."