Did you jump in?
Yeah, and then I got arrested, which wasn't fun.

Did you really?
No, I'm just kidding. That would have been a good story, though, huh?

Okay, so you found the Trevi Fountain.
What about one of Rome's other big landmarks, the Spanish Steps? The Spanish Steps are beautiful - stunning, stunning, stunning. In the morning, when I would take my walk, I would go up the Spanish Steps because it's a great workout, especially if you take two at a time. I saw the Colosseum. One of the things I loved about the Colosseum is that when I drove in at night it was completely lit up, which I think is so beautiful, because people there really respect their city and respect their history. Even at four in the morning, they want you to be able to enjoy it and want to share it with you. I found it so beautiful that all these historic buildings were lit up at night. The Colosseum - you just can't help think of what it must have been like during its day.

Did you ever have a guide, or did you get around on your own?
I did not have a guide, and then I realized I should get a guide. The guide was great. But I kind of like to figure things out on my own versus having someone tell me through their eyes what is what. The guide was helpful, but, again, I kind of like to be a loner when I travel, and I kind of like to have my own relationship with a piece of art, whether it is a beautiful park or the Trevi Fountain. I find that when I am on my own, there is much more of a connection than when I have a guide right there telling me what they think of it. Obviously, they give you the facts. But everybody is biased, so I enjoy finding things out on my own.

What kind of art did you find on your own?
The Galleria Borghese is probably one of my favorite galleries in Rome. It's really, really stunning, with a lot of Bernini sculptures and really beautiful marble floors and this beautiful park, the Villa Borghese gardens. It's kind of like the Central Park of Rome - just really visually stunning. The Galleria museum is right there. I saw a lot of Caravaggios. I really was not that familiar with Caravaggio's work. He was pretty intense.

Did you go to Campo de' Fiori, the big marketplace?
That was really cool, and there were a lot of young people there, which was really fun. I had a really great pizza there. It was wrapped up in a little paper bag, and it was just delicious.

Did you visit any of the other great places to shop in Rome?
You know what? I don't like to go to a place like Rome to shop for things I can get here. I didn't visit the Prada store or Versace. I like to go off the beaten path a little more, and I like to wander off on different streets and in different directions, and go to the boutique shops and find little things that I wouldn't find here. I really don't see the point of shopping at those places, you know what I mean? They are all over the world, and they are especially in my hometown. The first day, I had my map in the pouring rain. But I ended up throwing [the map] out because, what I realized is, with the way I like to work, it doesn't really help me later, because I don't remember names or streets. I like to just walk around and roam around and let the streets dictate where I go. I bought mostly little trinkets. I went to quite a few antiques shops. I bought a great vase. I mostly bought things like home furnishings that I could just cart back with me.