The Insurance: You pay.
The Pick-Up and Drop-Off: You pick up and return the car to the factory in Maranello, Italy, a half hour from Bologna and two hours from Milan in northern Italy.
The Lead Time: There's currently a two- to three-year wait for a car, which takes four months to produce. You need to reserve a factory tour two months in advance if you already own a Ferrari.
The Contact: Contact your local dealer.

The Car: SAAB
The Savings: About 5 percent off the MSRP
The Bonuses: A chauffeured ride from the G?teborg airport to the delivery center in Trollhattan, Sweden. One night, plus one dinner and breakfast for two, at Ronnum Manor House, a country inn near Sweden's largest inland lake. A tour of the Saab Automobile Museum, and a factory tour by appointment only. A discount is offered at many of Sweden's Countryside Hotels, which range from five-star luxury to simple B&Bs to a hotel sculpted out of ice.
The Insurance: With a minimum of 15 days coverage required, insurance ranges from $235 for 15 days to $1,373 for a year; it includes $120 for Swedish Export plates and covers theft, fire, material damage, breakage, collision, and third-party legal liability, as well as personal injury for Saab driver and passengers. It's valid throughout most of Europe.
The Pick-Up and Drop-Off: Delivery is free in Trollhattan, and costs from $325 to $785 for Malmo and Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki; Vienna; Copenhagen; Paris; Frankfurt; Amsterdam; Oslo; Geneva; and London. Return for free to Trollhattan, Antwerp, or Bremerhaven; fees of $60 to $970 apply for return to 27 other European cities. There's also a $575 destination charge on all models.
The Lead Time: Full payment is due 30 days prior to delivery.
The contact: Your local dealership; the Saab Customer Assistance Center at (800) 955-9007;