The Insurance: You pay for insurance beyond maritime insurance, at a cost of $275 to $1,645 for two weeks to six months coverage, depending on the model.
The Pick-Up and Drop-Off: There's no fee to pick up the car at the G?teborg factory. Other pick-up points range from $430 to $1,135 and include London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Brussels, Geneva, Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. Dropping off the car at G?teborg or Bremerhaven, Germany, will spare you a fee, but you also can drop off at a cost of $60 to $750 in 21 other European cities.
The Lead Time: Allow 10 to 14 weeks between order and delivery. As with all the cars, full payment must have been arranged before you can pick up your car.
The Contact: Via email Volvo Tourist and Diplomat Sales; or write to Volvo Tourist and Diplomat Sales, Volvo Drive, Rockleigh, NJ 07647; (800) 631-1667; or visit

The Savings: None. There is a charge - rather than a discount - for picking up your car at the factory: $1,150 for the Boxster, $2,250 for Carrera, and $4,075 for Turbo.
The Bonuses: Your cab is free from the Stuttgart airport to the factory, as is an hour-plus tour of the factory, a museum tour, and lunch in the executive dining room. A Grand Tour, once each spring and fall, also includes a cocktail reception, welcome dinner, and a chance to ride with a professional driver in a production model Porsche at the test track in Weissach.
The Insurance: Two weeks of collision coverage and one month of third-party liability insurance are included at no charge.
The Pick-Up and Drop-Off: The car must be picked up at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart. There's no additional charge if the car also is returned there. Fees of $340 to $1,024 are added if the car is dropped off in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Milan, Munich, or Paris.