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Who says reality TV is all fake? We put BILL AND GIULIANA RANCIC — the husband-and-wife stars of Style Network’s Giuliana & Bill — to the test.

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GIULIANA AND BILL RANCIC ARE GAME. The high-profile couple — she’s an E! News anchor, he’s a former winner of The Apprentice, and together they star in their own Style Network reality show, Giuliana & Bill, which recently returned for a second season — will try just about anything, whether it’s renovating their Chicago dream home from top to bottom (only to sell it as soon as they finish) or hosting a dinner party despite Giuliana’s lack of experience in the kitchen.

With Valentine’s Day upon us, the adventurous twosome has agreed to partake in our own version of The Newlywed Game. Though we admit Giuliana and Bill maybe aren’t the newest of newlyweds any longer (they married in September 2007), theirs is a marriage built around unique circumstances: She works in Los Angeles, while he’s based in Chicago.

Are these long-distance lovebirds as close as same-city couples? Read on for their answers and see for yourself.

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1) What’s the hardest part of being in a long-distance relationship?
Giuliana: I love being with Bill, and I miss him terribly when we’re not together.
What she thinks Bill’s answer will be: Not being able to see each other every day and night.
Bill: The time apart. I miss my wife.

2) What’s the best part of being in a long-distance relationship?
Bill: It turns the volume down on the small stuff. We don’t have time for the petty arguments many couples have.
What he thinks Giuliana’s answer will be: Getting to watch all the cheesy TV shows that I love and don’t want to subject Bill to.
Giuliana: I get to run my silly errands, like manicures, pedicures, and hair appointments.

3) What’s the one surefire thing Giuliana can do to make Bill laugh?
Giuliana: My dancing always makes Bill laugh. The two of us together on a dance floor is comical.
What she thinks Bill’s answer will be: Dancing. Giuliana’s bad dance moves from her college days make me laugh.
Bill: Dancing. It’s always good for a cheap laugh.

4) Who is higher maintenance?
Bill: Giuliana is higher maintenance. What does she do in that bathroom for two hours at a time? It’s truly a mystery to me.
What he thinks Giuliana’s answer will be: I am higher maintenance. I spend hours in the bathroom.
Giuliana: Bill is higher maintenance. He likes the nicer things in life, and I am very easygoing. He likes private planes. I can sit in the back of coach. I don’t care.

5) What’s the one thing that will always lead to an argument?
Giuliana: Where we are going to raise kids in the short term.
What she thinks Bill’s answer will be: Where we are going to live once we have a baby — Chicago or L.A.?
Bill: Where to go for dinner. Giuliana can never make up her mind, so we wind up driving around for hours.

6) What’s the one way in which you guys are least alike?
Bill: I like things to be in an orderly fashion, and it’s safe to say she’s the exact opposite. She has tax returns in her underwear drawer. That’s how disorganized she is.
What he thinks Giuliana’s answer will be: Bill is a neat freak, and I am messy.
Giuliana: He is much more organized and tidy.

Real(ity) love


Giuliana and Bill aren’t the only TV couple to make their romance last. Here are a few of our favorite couples who met in prime time.

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If reality TV were a homecoming dance, these two would be crowned king and queen. Happily married since 2003, they now live in Colorado with their two children, Max and Blakesley.

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Met on: Survivor: All-Stars (2004)

Zohn and Morasca might have won their respective seasons of the show (Survivor: Africa for him; Survivor: The Amazon for her), but their six-year relationship has truly proved its mettle throughout Zohn’s current battle with Hodgkin’s disease.

Met on: The Biggest Loser, Season 2 (2005)

If losing nearly 300 combined pounds together isn’t a true labor of love, we don’t know what is. Now the parents of two boys, the couple have stayed fit and stayed happily married.