"Every year, we go to the Marriott Luau. My kids have been since they were 8 years old; they're now 15 and 14. The food is good: kalua pig and, if you're game enough, some poi. You have a full spread of Hawaiian beef, fruit, and, of course, the mai tais. The show is kind of a combination of native Hawaiian dancing and a little bit of history. They have a half-dozen women who change their costumes about eight times. I don't know how they do it so fast. And the guys, too: the Tonga warriors and the Samoan warriors. Everyone is so genuinely giving and happy there. They don't seem to just be catering to the tourists."


Whale Watching
"Get up early Sunday morning and go on a whale watch on the Gemini, one of many boats that leave from the Westin. They take you out to where they know the whales are giving birth and raising their babies, between the islands of Maui, Lanai, and Molokai. You can have your doughnuts and your juice, but you're out there looking for whales. In winter, the whales are all over. By law, you can get within about a hundred yards of them. But if they shut off the motors, the whales sometimes come right up to and under the boat. You'll see Hawaiian spinner dolphins, everything. It's only about a two-hour tour and you're right in the middle of it."


"I ran into Bob Seger one day. We had met 10 years before. I was in the pool at the Westin swimming with my daughter, Meredith, who was 3 or 4. Bob came walking by and said, 'Chris?' I looked up and said, 'Bob?' And I had to say to him, 'Bob, you're still the same,' which is, of course, one of his songs. Big laugh. We talked for about a half-hour and then went to Chez Paul with our wives the next night. He's a big sports fan, and I'm a big rock-and-roll fan. It was a long night, talking rock-and-roll and sports. One of his big songs is 'Katmandu.' That night, he said, 'Believe it or not, I'm supposed to fly to Katmandu tomorrow to do some TV charity.' Well, I can guarantee you that there's no way he made that plane. We had everything from mai tais to Blue Hawaiis to good old whiskey. It was just a riotous night. To me, rock-and-roll, sports, and Maui are a pretty good triangle."