"If I could only eat one thing, it would be a hamburger, because I'm a basic boy. I love Cheeseburger in Paradise. It's right on the walkway overlooking the water in Lahaina. It's an easy lunch and you're right in the middle of the action. In Ka'anapali, the Swan Court at the Hyatt is really nice. It's almost as if you're eating in a garden. There are like 20 different fish dishes, but you can have duck or other things there, too. But, to me, when in Rome. You're not going to get fish this good, this fresh, anywhere."

"The little Ka'anapali North Course is kind of my home track, although I like the Kapalua Bay Course very much. At both of these courses, you're fighting between looking at the ball and looking at the scenery on every shot. You have an excuse: 'Well, I would have swung better, but I saw a whale out there.' Every hole is lush. In addition to how clean and pure everything is, there are incredible colors that you don't see anywhere else. This might sound like a stupid thing for a 46-year-old guy to say, but I don't know if even Crayola has these colors. They are vibrant and upbeat, just like the people."

"Dolphin Galleries is in Whalers Village, a little shopping area that's low-key enough that you don't feel that you're in a mall. If you really want to be romantic, buy some jewelry at Dolphin Galleries. I'm not a jewelry shopper and neither is my wife, but we've bought things there like black pearls that you don't see back east. I wear hats when I play golf, kind of big sombreros that I get from the Lahaina Hat Company, a little hat store. I buy about a half-dozen there every year. Also Maui Jim Sunglasses. You can get them anywhere. They look good, not too over the top. When I'm out there, I dress leisurely with a big sombrero. I'm trying to be low-key, not 'Hey, the big guy's here!'"