"Ten minutes south of Lahaina is Chez Paul. You wouldn't think you'd find a good French restaurant in Hawaii, but this is kind of a combination of French with Hawaiian fish. My buddy Lucien Charbonnier runs the place, and it's small and romantic. I get the escargot Lucien, and for a main course, the opakapaka, which is the native pink snapper, in beurre blanc. Roy's Kahana Bar & Grill is about 10 minutes north of Ka'anapali. It's a more open party atmosphere, and you're going to get a lot of different preparations of fish. Roy's has a real imaginative menu, with a touch of the Far East. Roy's has restaurants in Honolulu, on the Big Island, and at Pebble Beach. The chocolate soufflé is a Roy's classic, but you've got to order it 20 minutes ahead of time. David Paul's Lahaina Grill also has a little hint of Asian. It's the right speed for me: leisurely, yet at the same time a little bit funky."

"Leilani's and the Hula Grill and Barefoot Bar are right on the beach. Go to Leilani's first, then across the walkway to the Hula Grill. You can take your shoes off and walk around the beach. They usually have a guitar or two. You can also take the five-minute ride into Lahaina to bars like Kimo's, which has a back deck that hangs out over the water. You see all the boats in the harbor and the stars every night. The drink to have is, of course, the mai tai. What makes a good one? Don't be polite with the rum, but don't make me a rum martini. It's the right combination of fruit juices that make it seem like you're drinking nothing. Then you get up after three of them and you'd better stable yourself."