the nba final championship game michael jordan played on father's day, the year his father was murdered. he was clutching the trophy, sobbing, thinking of his dad.

coming back from 9/11 at shea stadium, such a moment for the country

the super bowl where jeff hostetler and the new york giants upset buffalo

robin roberts
tiger woods winning the masters

serena and venus williams playing on arthur ashe court in the final of the u.s. open

mike powell breaking bob beamon's amazing long jump record

muhammad ali lighting the olympic torch in 1996

the buzz in the newsroom when magic johnson announced he had hiv, and the heat that was attached to the o.j. simpson not-guilty verdict

keith olbermann
witnessing the fans' response to the 1980 miracle on ice victory

the '88 world series when hurt kirk gibson hit that home run off dennis eckersley

in the dugout at the '99 mlb all-star game, experiencing the love-fest for ted williams (it was like the field of dreams)

the mets and braves resume mlb play after 9/11 - never was the game more symbolically important.

when michael jordan was supposedly coming out of retirement, i was accused of fabricating the idea that he wanted to buy into a team and play for them. he came back with the wizards as player/part owner. a personal highlight for me.

charley steiner
the miracle on ice at the 1980 olympics

buster douglas whupping iron mike tyson in japan

the seventh game of the red sox versus the yankees in the 2003 al championship series (it had it all)

george foreman beating [michael] moorer to regain the heavyweight championship

the continuing sad saga of pete rose, the bay area earthquake world series, and magic johnson's hiv announcement

espn, the early years
to get an outside perspective on espn, we tracked down three former, omnipresent sportscenter anchors. keith olbermann now hosts msnbc's countdown. charley steiner does game coverage for the new york yankees radio network. and robin roberts co-anchors abc's good morning america and appears on espn during the nfl season.