Berman: My ambitions were pretty lofty - hoping to be doing TV sports by 25, to be the voice of my favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, and also to be Brent Musberger, who was the host of TV football. Guess what? I was on TV by 24, I do Major League Baseball, and I'm going into my 19th straight year doing the NFL. I pinch myself every day. I'm 49, came to ESPN at 24, over half my life I've been on ESPN. We all look different 25 years on - I was a lot skinnier with a lot more hair, but these things happen.

Cohn: With ESPN, there was finally a place where all us passionate fanatics could get together and talk sports. Viewers would see the fan in us. It's cool when people who are like you come up to you, and you realize there are other crazy fans like you.

top 5 espn memories

chris berman
the night cal ripken passed lou gehrig's consecutive game streak (i announced that game)

"the catch" - joe montana to dwight clark (i was on
the five-yard line
at candlestick

i was in candlestick's upper deck, sitting next to joe torre during the world series that got interrupted by the quake [of 1989].

two of the last three super bowls, in which adam vinatieri has hit two game-winning field goals

i reported when walter payton passed away, and that was a shock.

dan patrick
the night espn's jim valvano died and i did sportscenter
that night

the two indians pitchers who were killed in a boating accident in spring training

the night mickey mantle died

pete rose being banned from baseball

the first sportscenter i did with keith olbermann - we were probably oscar and felix, but when we got
on tv, it melted away

linda cohn
the new york rangers winning the stanley cup in 1994 after 54 years

being a new york sports fan who hates the rival teams - i love the mets - so watching arizona beat the yankees in the 2001 world series