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The Miracle Worker: This1962 film was lauded by critics and showered with awards, includingtwo Oscars. It tells the story of how Helen Keller - rendered blindand deaf by what today's doctors believe was scarlet fever - learnsto communicate with sign language, thanks to teacher AnnieSullivan.
DID YOU KNOW? Patty Duke played Keller in theoriginal film, and then, all grown up, took on Anne Bancroft's roleof Annie Sullivan in a 1979 TV remake.


The Other Side of the Mountain: In1955, downhill skier Jill Kinmont was on the cover of SportsIllustrated and on her way to competing in the 1956 WinterOlympics. During a competition in Utah, she fell and was paralyzedfrom the neck down. This 1975 film dramatizes her true story ofliving with paralysis.
DID YOU KNOW? The movie's theme song, "Richard'sWindow," was sung by Olivia Newton-John and nominated for anAcademy Award.


The Terry Fox Story: This 1983 HBOmovie was about a Canadian runner who lost his leg to cancer andthen set out on a quest to run across Canada with one prostheticleg.
DID YOU KNOW? The film starred Eric Fryer, who,like Fox, is an amputee.