On the meaning of accomplishment: "I think we probably focused too much on, 'Hey, we're going to climb a peak - to the summit.' That's the big question it leaves me with in the film: How far is too far? Can you reach too far? Did I reach too far with the kids? In retrospect, I would approach it differently and say, 'We're going on a great adventure, but it's not so important what the outcome is.'"


On whether he'd ever try another climb like the one in Blindsight: "Kyila [one of the teenage climbers] said, 'Erik, we all want to know if you'll come back next year and take us up Everest.' I said, 'But I don't think you guys like climbing.' They were like, 'No, we love climbing!' Then I said, just to tease them, 'You guys can't climb, you're blind!' And they said, 'Yes, we can! We're going to climb it, you wait and see.' "



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