On why climbing blind works best with a team: "Climbing is a great team sport because, especially when you're blind, you're trusting a partner. When you think about building your team, it all begins with trust. Climbing has taught me a lot in terms of being blind. You can accept help as long as you can give it in return. Are you a sack of potatoes being dragged to the top or are you contributing?"


On why the kids were just one of his challenges: "The film crew was a piece of the tug-of-war in the climb. They'd say, 'Could you do that again?' And you'd be like, 'Dude, it's zero degrees out, my hands are numb, the kids' hands are numb. I can't do that again.' "


On whether he pushed the kids too far: "When I'm listening to the movie, a side of me has winced from time to time and thought, 'Wow, I hope I'm not the villain of this movie.' Everyone had very good intentions. The filmmakers did a very good job showing how everyone got to those positions. You kind of understand both sides. It leaves you with questions. And even though we had disagreements, we never lost respect for each other."