Last year, America’s sole manufacturer of sport motor-cycles, Buell Motorcycles, unleashed the Firebolt XB9R, the first production motorcycle to carry its fuel inside the hollow-frame tubes. Why? By lowering fuel from its traditional, top-heavy perch, the bike gained stability and became more responsive. But, as good as it was, the Firebolt proved too, well, hot for some riders, which led company founder Erik Buell to design the brand-new Lightning XB9S ($9,995). With a more comfortable, upright riding position and torquey 92-horsepower Harley-Davidson-built twin-cylinder power plant, this bike is perfect for long highway cruises, rural twisties, and dicing through tight city traffic. That’s because it stops, goes, and handles 99 percent as well as the Firebolt, and better yet, won’t put you on a first-name basis with your chiropractor. (800) 490-9635 or