He Said…
Eric McCormack's secret (and not-so-secret) hideaways in Vancouver

Opus Hotel,
very expensive, (604) 642-6787
Wedgewood Hotel, very expensive, (604) 689-7777

Bin 941,
moderate, (604) 683-1246
Cru, moderate, (604) 677-4111
Glowbal Grill and Satay Bar, moderate to expensive,
(604) 602-0835
Market Grill, inexpensive, (604) 689-1918
Quattro, moderate to expensive, (604) 734-4444
Sophie's Cosmic Café, inexpensive, (604) 732-6810
Vij's, moderate, (604) 736-6664

Arts Club Theatre Backstage Lounge,
(604) 687-1354
Arts Club Theatre Company, (604) 687-1644
George, (604) 628-5555
Granville Island Brewing, (604) 687-2739

(604) 682-7499
Mark James, (604) 734-2381

Locarno Beach,

We Said… Our secret (and not-so-secret) hideaways in Vancouver

Granville Island Hotel,
moderate, (604) 683-7373. While worth every penny, this chic retreat goes for slightly more than our bargain-basement budget usually allows - but it's just so darn romantic, we can't help ourselves. We're suckers for its marble floors, dreamy waterfront settings, and plush soaker tubs. The boys like the on-site brewery too.

YWCA of Vancouver, inexpensive, (604) 895-5830. We know, we know; we can't believe we're recommending a YWCA either. But the reviews of this place were so good - TripAdvisor subscribers rank it 14th out of 110 area hotels, just below a prestigious upscale brand with a number in its name - we just couldn't ignore it. Fans seem to love everything about it, from its entertainment-district locale to guests' access to one of the best gyms in town.

moderate, (604) 253-9119. A trip to Havana is a true cultural experience. Not only are there exotic Nuevo Latino dishes like chorizo and clam linguine, but there's an art gallery and a theater out back. Unfortunately, once our tummies are full and we're kicking back enjoying the skyline and one of Havana's Cuban-cigar selections out on the all-weather patio, we have a hard time getting back there.

Jade Dynasty, inexpensive to moderate, (604) 683-8816. Folks flock to this surprisingly cozy Chinatown spot for helpings of things like spinach with snow fungus and water-chestnut cake, but we opt for the dim sum to go. Why? It makes an ideal picnic lunch at nearby Stanley Park.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, (604) 985-7474. This wire-cable overpass, the longest and highest suspended footbridge in the world, was once made of hemp rope and cedar planks. Consider that as you take that 450-foot walk across, teetering 230 feet above the Capilano River. Oh, and if heights aren’t your thing, just enjoy the lush rainforest surrounds.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, (604) 662-3207. The first full-size Chinese garden ever conceived outside the Asian territory, this fertile Shangri-la is further proof of Vancouver’s strong multicultural meld.