Tired of working for others? Want to strike out on your own? Here’s some inspiring — and cautionary — advice from Michael E. Gerber, bestselling author of E-Myth Mastery: The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company (Harper Business).

Why most start-up businesses fail:
“They’re not started by entrepreneurs, but by technicians who had an entrepreneurial seizure. They think that because they understand how to do the work, they know how to build a business that works.”

On passion, vision, and purpose:
“Passion is the underlying energy that fuels our lives. That energy helps us create a sense of vision, the emotional connection with something larger than ourselves. The purpose of a company is to translate and clarify the vision of the entrepreneur. Purpose is often thought of as vision, but it’s actually less than vision. It’s the engine through which the vision becomes a reality in the world.”

The danger of “small visions”:
“If someone starts a company just because he wants to be his own boss, that’s insufficient to stimulate a meaningful purpose for the company. If you just want to work for yourself, then simply starting the company achieves the vision. That’s not enough scale and scope for a successful company.”

The value of “entrepreneurial consciousness”:
“From the CEO on down to the janitor, people must be infused with the entrepreneur’s vision. If the belief exists, then it must be communicated in countless ways to everyone in the company. That’s a tall order, but we’re made to create.”