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Facing a long layover with a drained iPad battery and no open outlet in sight? No problem. Plug in and power up with two well-designed carry-ons from Timbuk2 that double as portable charging stations. Partnering with Joey Energy, Timbuk2 offers the Power Commute, a TSA-compliant messenger bag with a padded laptop pocket, and the Power Q, a lightweight backpack crafted from durable ballistic nylon. Each includes a slim lithium polymer battery that packs plenty of energy without added bulk. The built-in system connects to devices via USB or micro-USB ports, and cable channels sewn into each bag let you discreetly charge expensive equipment while it’s safely tucked away. That means no more searching for outlets or loading your luggage with extra cords and adapters. Charges smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other devices for up to two weeks before the bag needs recharging.

$199 each,