plays CDs and MP3 discs. $1,800,

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IntelliNet Controls’ MS-1 media server comes with 250GB of hard-disc space; an intuitive graphical menu that can sort your music collection by album, genre, and artist; and a “Personal Media Assistant” that automatically organizes your music according to your usage patterns and preferences. $3,199,

If you want to store DVD movies for instant access, Kaleidescape offers up to 3.3 terabytes — as in 3,600 gigabytes or about 500 movies — of hard-drive-based video storage and a very slick interface that can instantaneously sort your movie collection alphabetically or by director, actor, or even feature length. But you’ll pay for all this — to the tune of $27,000.

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Where to enjoy all this great convenience and performance? From your very own massage lounger, of course. Panasonic has taken massage to a whole new relaxing level with its Real Pro Swede-Atsu lounger, which also kneads the feet and calves. There are slots in the adjustable ottoman for your tired limbs and dawgs. $3,499,