Meanwhile, Panasonic's new DVD-R recorder ($799) generates an electronic program guide so you can record your favorite shows to the 120GB hard drive and/or a DVD. It also supports most DVD formats. Say you want to convert your old VHS tapes to DVD? Panasonic's dual-deck DVD video and VHS recorder also supports just about every DVD technology currently available and retails for $599.

And for those awaiting high-definition DVD recorders, LG will have a unit using Blu-Ray technology debuting in early 2005, reportedly for under $3,000.

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Where's Agent 99? Oh, she's off taking digital pics and video with her magic lipstick tube. Philips' Key Ring Camcorder allows 24 minutes of continuous video recording and 2-megapixel digital camera stills in a key-ring fob the size of a lipstick container. This mighty mite also serves as an MP3 player and digital storage device. $249,

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No more sneakerNet or copying MP3 files to a portable player. Rock-ford Corporation's Omnifi wireless streaming system allows you to send audio files from a home-based player to a car unit via radio frequency Wi-Fi technology, the same used for wireless com-puter networking. And later this summer, Omnifi will introduce a car model that will receive video wirelessly from a home PC, so you can download a movie to a computer and then send it to the car for the next family road trip. Its range is about 150 feet. $699,

You can also get portable enter-tainment and directions from Sanyo's Portable/Automotive Navi-gation & Mobile DVD Entertain-ment System. The seven-inch color LCD unit can be used in a car or made portable. Slide a DVD in to watch a movie, or DVD-ROM to get mapping and directions from the GPS Navigation System. It also