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Even normally gigantic rear-projection TVs are becoming thinner, thanks to Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology that replaces hefty cathode ray tubes with tiny mirrors. This fall, RCA will roll out its Scenium Profiles 50- and 61-inch rear-projection sets, which are less than 7 inches deep and can be hung right on the wall. 50-inch, $8,999; 61-inch, $9,999.

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Even working at the computer is being made easier and more efficient. Pelham Sloane's got an all-in-one 17-inch flat-screen computer monitor with built-in hard drive and DVD/CD drive located behind the screen. $1,900. While the 17-inch model is still forthcoming, there is a 15-inch monitor available now.

And if typing is becoming arduous, try an orbiTouch Key-less Keyboard, which uses two hand-held domes to create letters from combinations of hand movements. (Yes, old dog, you can learn new tricks with the handy chart provided.) A wireless version using Bluetooth will debut later this summer. Wired, $695; Blue-tooth starts at $695 as well.

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DVD players are no longer just for movies. Units that can play other disc formats and also record video onto blank DVDs are becoming more popular and affordable. That's why we love the idea behind Sony's forthcoming DVD player/recorder, which can record and play on virtually any form of DVD out there, taking much of the confusion out of the competing formats. It has a 120-gigabyte hard drive and allows you to rewind and review what you've recorded - while you're still recording. Model RDR-GX300. $500,