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Sprained ankles are the bane of anyone who’s ever set foot on a basketball court, from weekend warriors to LeBron James. But now comes Ektio, a new brand of hoop shoe that protects players from the all-too-common injury by keeping them from landing with a painful twist. Developed by a doctor, Ektio shoes are built with side bumpers in their soles to guard against the root cause of ankle sprains: the sole going one way and the foot the other. Straps within the wall of the shoe further anchor the ankle, limiting rollovers without reducing mobility. And, for all their emphasis on performance and stability, Ektio shoes don’t stint on style. Both the high-top Wraptor and the three-quarter Post Up come in assorted color combinations, with quilted stitching and leather details that keep step with the fastest-moving basketball fashions. $200,  www.ektio.com