There are a number of new rums to be found on bar and liquor-store shelves, including Oronoco, Agua Luca, and 10 Cane. We asked rum expert Edward Hamilton, author of The Complete Guide to Rum (Triumph Books, $15), to weigh in on pours old and new, giving us a good introduction to everything that rum can be. We like to think of it as Rum 101. Just turn the page to start your lesson.

These days, rum’s taking up more room on bar menus around the country. So slip onto a bar stool and try a rum toddy or a straight-up pour.

- In New York City, Sushi Samba’s drink menu features rum concoctions aplenty, including the Mora Negra, a lively blend of fresh lime, mango puree, blackberry, sugar, and rum. 245 Park Avenue South, (212) 475-9377,

- When Hamilton is in San Francisco, he often shows up at Absinthe Brasserie & Bar to imbibe in the variety of rums from the brasserie’s long menu of spirits. Their devilish logo alone is good fun. 398 Hayes Street, (415) 551-1590

- Delilah’s is pure heaven for Chicago spirits fans who also happen to like a bit of rock and roll. Make sure you take a taxi, though — they’ve got plenty for you to taste. 2771 North Lincoln Avenue, (773) 472-2771

- Stop into Ola in Miami’s Savoy Hotel to taste a drink (or two) off of their extensive mojito menu. Or get All Thai’d Up with raspberry rum, sugar, Thai basil, champagne, and lime. 455 Ocean Drive, (305) 695-9125,

- Put down the dice and get over to Sensi at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The Perfect Storm, made with rum, homemade Sensi ginger ale, and bitters, awaits. 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South, (877) 234-6358,