All of your best pals are gathered at the box office this season. Get out of the heat and into a cool, dark theater, where you’ll see what Eddie Murphy and Steven Spielberg have been up to.

Murphy reappears in Doctor Dolittle 2, as the veterinarian who can talk to his patients. This time the good doctor must save the forest as well as an endangered species. Lending their voices to this season’s production are Norm Macdonald and Lisa Kudrow.

AI is Spielberg’s take on a film that was originally to be shot by Stanley Kubrick for Warner Bros. (which explains why Dreamworks is not producing the film). Based on a short story by Brian Aldiss, this sure summer hit features Haley Joel Osment as a young boy named David, who is not “real.” As with most of Spielberg’s films, this one is not to be missed.