In less than a month, we will have entered a new year. And with that come the requisite plans to start anew, put our best foot forward, blah, blah, blah. And while good intentions are a great start, hard work and determination are the true keys to success. Two of our stories in this issue profile people who are quite successful. And while few would say there are similarities between Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of the band Aerosmith and Cisco’s CEO, John Chambers, I’m going to go out on that limb. Because these guys have set out to succeed at something, and despite all sorts of roadblocks, have persevered.

Tyler and Perry have ridden the roller coaster that is fame and fortune and come out on top. Some would say it’s due to talent, while others would call it luck, but there’s no denying that after several decades of touring, performing, and producing, these guys can still attract a crowd.

Chambers has survived the roller coaster ride that was the tech boom and bust to re-­create Cisco and put it back in the game. He even continues to be positive about what the future holds for technology and his company, as well as what that means to us, the general public.

A less successful endeavor is my skill on the slopes. But thanks to our special ski section, even I am convinced there are places for me to head this winter. You’ll find plenty to pique your interest, too, whether you’re an avid skier or just love the snowy season. We’ve even included some great destinations for families, as well as the best spots for “summer” skiing.

And in keeping with my success theme (have I ever stayed focused for this long?), we’ve done a ton of research and have highlighted for you the job markets that will be booming next year. So if finding a new job (or career) is on your list of resolutions, you’ll want to follow our leads when you start your search.

Finally, a lot of you have been asking who the successful winners of our 3rd Annual Road Warrior Contest are. I’m excited to announce that after poring over almost 10,000 entries, we’ve chosen the 5 winners and 15 finalists. But I can’t reveal who they are just yet. You’ll have to wait until our January 1, 2005, issue, which will be dedicated to our Road Warrior Contest. And if you aren’t a winner this year, don’t despair. We’re including all sorts of interesting information from the entries in the issue, so you just might make it into print anyway. And there’s always next year to throw your hat back in the ring.

As you contemplate all that you hope to achieve in 2005, don’t forget to take some time out to live in the present and enjoy the fun and excitement the rest of the month has to offer. I, for one, am headed on my annual Christmas vacation with my family to take over the town of Las Vegas. If you thought Ocean’s Eleven was entertaining, just wait till the Gulczynski Six hit the streets.

Picture of Sheri Burns