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Think You’re Stressed? Just Wait.

I have seen the future. But don’t worry. This isn’t a doom-and-gloom piece. The future is (mostly) good. And, actually, this isn’t a new thing. Working for a magazine, I often can see the future. (Think there’s a book deal in this phenomenon?) As I write this, Halloween is only just approaching. And, big surprise, I really should have had this written at least a week ago (but, like I said, no doom and gloom).

My point is, in this issue you’ll find everything you need to get you through the holidays (minus the Advil). But do you know how hard it is to be thinking about the holidays in September and October?

Sure, there are those of you who have already started, or even have finished, your holiday shopping (you know who you are). But the rest of us believe we shouldn’t have to do more right now than contemplate what we’ll be for Halloween (which is the most stressful holiday of all, in my opinion).

But not only do we have to figure that out, we also have budgets to fight over, contracts to renegotiate, potential Road Warriors to contact, and next year’s issues to plan, and we have to pull together all things Christmas for you.

So what does that add up to? A lot of stress. Right at this moment, before a single child has been tricked or treated, and before the calendar has even hit the month of the turkey, everyone here has pretty much had it with old Saint Nick. And each other. (Kidding! Really, I am.)

So now that this issue is out of our hands and into yours, it’s your turn to walk in our shoes. But let me give you a couple of pointers. Turn to page 109. Browse through all the great gift ideas we’ve collected. Take a look at the beautiful table settings. Drool over our yummy cookie recipes (but not on the pages, please).

Then take deep breaths. Often. Start making lists now. Start shopping tonight. The holidays are supposed to be a merry time. But they often come with their share of irritation and stress. The upside of this, for us, anyway, is that hopefully, since we got the holidays out of our system in October, by the time we start our real holiday ­planning and shopping, it will be a piece of cake. Because, really, we’ve already been there.

If you’re one of those people who prefer to procrastinate, don’t turn to page 109. ­Instead, read our stories on the future of the NHL, what the ­future holds for your IQ, the future of video games, and the ­future of your investments. Then, like me, you can get a glimpse of the future and recognize how bright it actually is. (Just don’t go stealing my book idea.)

Consider all of this our gift to you.

And with that, we’re going to get nestled all snug in our beds … and settle our brains for a long winter’s nap. Just please wake us in time for turkey.

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Sherri Gulczynski Burns