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Getting Our Just Desserts

If you turn to page 26, you’ll find a very helpful piece about six fab desserts that will be perfect on this year’s holiday tables — I dare you to find one that disappoints. But to get to those six, the American Way staff, along with a few others who happened to wander by at the appropriate moments, tried more than a dozen desserts over roughly a three-week period. When we dreamed up this story, everyone was excited about all of the delectables that would be ours for the tasting on any given day. And when the first ones arrived, we were suitably excited and ravenous.

We sampled lots of sweets that were yummy, but we also sampled plenty that were beautiful yet tasteless and some that were not only tasteless but also lacking in curb appeal.

Then something happened that I never would have predicted (keep in mind: There is absolutely no category of food that can be put out around here that won’t be gone in a matter of hours). By day seven, the announcement of the arrival of each new dessert was greeted with a few moans and groans.

People were slow to waddle out of their offices for a sample and even slower to offer up their critique of the desserts. The sugar buzz we’d been on the previous week took a nasty turn.

Add to that the fact that we decided to have a cookie bake-off (you’ll see the results in our November 15 issue), which required a sampling and ranking of 25 different cookies. The lack of tasting enthusiasm was hard to swallow (every pun intended).

But we all knew what we had signed up to do and knew it was our job to bring you the best of the best. So even though we really don’t care if we ever see another dessert again (at least not until Thanksgiving), we give these treats the Tastebud Seal of Approval. (A hint to the ultimate hostess: We won’t breathe a word if you transfer these desserts to your own special serving plates and tell everyone you made them all on your own — I’m personally claiming that apple pie as mine, all mine.)

On another sweet note, while you still have time to order these treats, you are running out of time to place your vote for this year’s road warrior. The entries of the five finalists are posted at AmericanWayMag.com. All you need to do (before November 14 at 11:59 p.m. Central time) is to click on the Vote Now for Your Favorite Road Warrior MVP link to take a look at the entries and decide how to rank them.

This may be the only chance you ever have to influence the outcome of our crazily popular Road Warrior contest, so don’t put off doing it.

Even if you didn’t make it as one of this year’s finalists, don’t let that bitterness keep you from casting a vote for your favorite fellow traveler. There are lots of friends, families, and coworkers out there who are going to attempt to tip the scales. So we need you, the true, unbiased road warrior, to weigh in with your opinion on who is best.

And if we can’t lure you with a sense of duty, perhaps the chance to win 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles will do the trick.

So order a few holiday treats and place the road warriors in the order of your choice to ensure that everyone gets their just desserts this year (yeah, I crack myself up).

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