I’m not what you’d call a big sports fan. Most of the year, shopping is my favorite sport. But, come fall, I do have a thing for college football (especially the Texas A&M Aggies). And over the years I’ve kind of gotten into hockey. But basketball? Don’t know, don’t care. Yet even I know about the new NBA rules that recently debuted. Because fans are in hot debate, writer Ashley Jude Collie talked to the league’s top coaches and players for their opinions and walks you through the new “four-pack of fancy rules,” as Ashley calls them, in “By The Rules”.

Elsewhere, we have a pair of stories on education. Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll want to check them out, because the subject ultimately impacts everyone in the work world. The stories are part of a series that looks at how we can prepare kids for the New Economy and how corporate America is getting into the classrooms to help.

“The idea to cover education arose in a brainstorming meeting,” says senior editor Tracy Staton, who leads the Business section’s editorial. “We were talking about the disconnect between the high-tech economy and the old-fashioned public education system and wondered, What would parents need to know to ensure that their kids were ready to work in the New Economy?”

Thus, you’ll find “Jump-Starting Junior,” a Lifestyle department on what parents can do, and “Getting Into The Education Business,” a feature on how companies are closing the digital divide in the classroom, in the Business section. The first part of the education series appears in our September 1 issue.

Also in this issue, don’t miss our signature cover travel feature, Celebrated Weekend, this time with Martin Sheen in Las Vegas. Sheen’s a slots fan, and offers his picks on where to go and what to do in the city he’s frequented for more than 30 years. Vegas wins my vote as a vacation destination with something for everyone: gambling, to be sure, but also world-class dining, fabulous hotels and spas, jaw-dropping entertainment, beautiful year-round pools, and my favorite sport, shopping.

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Elaine Srnka