Just as this magazine went on the planes, we observed a very special day. Do you know what it was? National Boss’s Day, which occurred on Sunday, October 16. If it slipped by unnoticed, don’t worry.

As you hand your boss a belated gift, just tell him/her that you think the “holiday” should take place for the entire month of October instead of just a day. Hopefully, they’ll be so impressed that they won’t notice the tardiness of your well-wishing.

I know it will surprise you, given my love of all things me, but I don’t put a lot of stock in this day for myself. That’s because I work with the greatest people ever. They make nearly every day so nice for me, I don’t need cards or flowers or chocolates or trips (I can’t believe I’m actually saying this) to remind me why I work here and why I like my coworkers.

And don’t even get me started about my boss. It seems to be the trend du jour to dislike your boss and feel like you’re doing all the work. I’ve read article after article about how generally unhappy most of the employed are. The past few years have been a tough time for many industries, so you can hardly blame people for being tired and cranky and wanting their boss(es) to do something about it.

I, of course, cop to my own bouts with crankiness and ’tude, but I can in no way blame that on my boss.

James Ricks, the publisher of this fine magazine, does all of his magic behind the scenes. And much of what he does is taken for granted, at best, and goes unnoticed, at worst.
But he is always working hard and always working on our behalf. And in doing this, he strikes the perfect chord of supportiveness and staying-out- of-the-wayness, which is really hard to do.

I’m sure some people who read this (like my coworkers) will doubt my sincerity and accuse me of merely trying to butter James up so I can get my way on some pressing issue. Or perhaps they think I’ve recently done something horribly wrong (which really isn’t implausible) and this is my ploy to get out of trouble. But neither of those is the case.

This is a heartfelt (and yes, I do own a heart) thank-you to James, as well as to my coworkers, for making this a fun and stimulating place to work.

If you are as lucky as I am, I hope you’ll take a few minutes out of your day to let your boss know what you appreciate about him or her. In fact, don’t limit it to just one day a year. Everyone likes to hear that they’re doing a good job, and sometimes just a few words can make a not-so-good day a much better one.

And on that thought, I’ll leave you to move along through the magazine to enjoy all of the great stories we bring to you. This is definitely one of my favorite issues because of the breadth of interesting topics. It doesn’t hurt, either, that it’s 134 pages long, which gives us lots of room to stretch our creative legs.

Whether you’re into photography, sports, travel, adventure, drinking, music, science, culture, or just plain reading, you’ll find something among our pages to hold your interest.

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