With so much grief after last month’s tragedy, it’s difficult for most of us to look at anything we did prior to September 11 with the same priorities or importance now. I was on vacation with family when the attacks on the United States happened, and when I finally returned to my office the next week, the to-do list I’d left on my desk seemed pretty inconsequential. Some of the meetings and office concerns that topped the list before now seem downright petty.

Many people have expressed similar thoughts. When the late-night comedians returned to television for the first time after the attacks, Jay Leno, for example, said he grappled with the significance of his job in the face of tragedy. Ultimately, he decided that if he could help people smile when they didn’t feel like smiling, find a bit of laughter through the tears, then the show must go on.

In some ways, I feel the same about our magazine. Almost all of the stories in this issue were developed, written, edited, and designed long before September 11. So, while a story on up-and-coming music scenes wouldn’t necessarily top my priority list now, perhaps, as the country’s leaders have encouraged us, it’s OK, simply because we need to try to get back to some form of normalcy. Of course, our world will never be the same, but taking a trip, experiencing a different city, and listening to some new music by aspiring musicians might be just the thing to get your mind off your worries, if only for a weekend, a night, or even a few hours.

In that light, this issue features the same type of articles American Way is known for: Trends for the Modern Traveler. In Travel, make sure to read “New Musical Scenes”, the story mentioned above. In Lifestyle, you’ll find “Sure Bet”, a roundup of the best big shows in Las Vegas. In Business, turn to “Six Billion Dollar Man”, an in-depth look at the business of being Tiger Woods. You’ll also find all your favorites, such as Jim Shahin, 3 Bottles, book reviews, and our signature Celebrated Weekend, featuring Lorraine Bracco’s Paris.

I hope you’ll find this issue entertaining, informative, and useful;
it’s a brief escape from the life-altering events that continue to make all of us grieve with heavy hearts. Let us know what you think at editor@americanwaymag.com.