Take a close look at our cover. See that suit actor Ed Harris is wearing? Pretty nice, huh? It’s not his. Well, at the time it wasn’t his. But I’ll get back to that. Before he zipped out of town on vacation, Ed reluctantly agreed to meet us in L.A. and let us take his picture for our magazine.

He and his brother, Bob, drove down from Malibu in Ed’s big Ford truck. He said we had 90 minutes to get what we wanted (in reality, he gave us 120). There was a stylist on hand who had chosen a full season’s worth of clothing options. There was a hair and makeup guy at the ready with more beauty products than you can find on an entire movie set.

I stood back and watched all the hubbub as Ed was prepped for his shoot and the photographer found just the right music to play in the background and just the right lighting to make his pictures pop.

Despite all of the care and attention, and the food spread (did I mention the food spread?) laid out in case Ed should perish in that 90 minutes, you could tell that this was just another job for him. Something he had to do. To me, it was fantasyland. People bringing you clothes and makeup and food? What more does a person need?

In under 30 minutes, Ed was ready to face the cameras. And when he stood before said camera, he was transformed. He knew exactly what looks to make and what mood to convey, and his smile and eyes lit up the room. That, my friends, is what they call acting. There had been no lighting up of rooms prior to this.

The Armani suit Ed wore, which was chosen by the stylist, was beautiful, and it fit him like it was made for him. As I sat back and watched this magic take place (as you can see, I had an important role here), I thought how amazing it was that the stylist could go pick something off the racks for a person she hardly knew and come up with items that not only fit perfectly, but looked great.

Ed apparently concurred, because I later overheard the stylist leaving a message for someone. “Hi,” she said. “I’m with Mr. Harris, and he absolutely loves the suit he’s wearing and would like to know if he can purchase it.” What? In addition to food and clothes and music and makeup, you get a personal shopper? How can you not be excited about that? Clearly I’m missing something.

Sadly, I don’t know the outcome of this story. Is the Armani suit hanging in Mr. Harris’ closet? I guess we’ll never know. But I do know he looks great on our cover.


Above Right Photo: And the Oscar goes to … actor Ed Harris, for his picture-perfect portrayal of this issue’s cover boy. His costars, from left to right, are: design director Gilberto Mejia, myself, photographer Ken Sax, Harris, and design coordinator Betsy Semple.