Recently, I spent a long weekend with friends in Austin, a short flight from where we work in Dallas/Fort Worth. It was a wonderful opportunity to recharge, and we reconnected with people important to us while relaxing at the city’s beautiful lakes, golf courses, restaurants, and funky music venues.

But as you know, Austin is more than just a great getaway, it’s a city transformed in recent years into a high-tech corridor. Despite the economic downturn, Austin is still a prosperous place. While we were there, naturally Michael Dell kept popping up in our conversations, because his company’s headquarters are in Austin and that’s where it all began for the PC powerhouse. It’s awe-inspiring to think that Dell is such a legend at only 36.

So, of course, I’m excited about this issue’s Business feature, an interview with Dell on the future of his company as it goes wireless, global, and more. His take on change has really stuck with me, because fear of and resistance to change can be a big obstacle in many people’s lives, and certainly in most organizations. Perhaps it’s why companies like his thrive when others don’t. He tells writer Helen Bond, “If you change something at Dell, people say, ‘Oh, great, that’s good, something has changed.’ If you don’t change things at Dell, people say, ‘Why don’t you change it? What’s the problem? There must be a problem.’”

We would all do well to remember Dell’s tale when change-challenged at home, in the office, or just in our heads. That said, it is nice that some things stay the same, such as our signature Celebrated Weekend feature. In this issue, actress Sela Ward takes us on a trip to her favorite city, New Orleans. She’s the perfect tour guide to this sultry, oh-so-fun city. After reading her tips, I’m already scheming another long weekend, this time to Louisiana.

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