There are so many things that drive me crazy, but I can often just let them go. One thing, though, that gets me every single time is our predilection to speed through our neighborhoods. This morning as I drove to work, a minimum of five cars sped past me despite the clearly blinking yellow lights and the hordes of small children with their parents walking along the sidewalks on their way to school. (I know it’s a little late in the school year to start ranting about this, but such is the nature of magazine deadlines.)

Who do these people think they are, I fume to no one but myself and my morning cup of coffee? Are they so important that slowing down to 20 miles per hour for two blocks will stop the world from spinning? Truth be told, I think school zones should be bigger than they already are. But just imagine the outrage if people actually had to slow down for four blocks!

In the evenings, I jog through my neighborhood. Despite the posted speed limit of 30, cars regularly whiz past me at 40 and 50 miles per hour. Now, I’m an adult, and I’m fine with taking full responsibility for my well-being. If I choose to run on the street, it’s up to me to stay out of the way of these cars. But what about the little kids riding their bikes or playing catch? What if they step out in the street at just the wrong moment? And what about Spot and Fluffy? They are forever crossing the roads when they shouldn’t be.

To anyone who knows me, I have to admit that this will sound a wee bit hypocritical, because I do tend to be a little zoomy on our highways. But I rationalize this by saying there are plenty of police monitoring those highways who will reward me with my just punishment. But I also know that I could just as easily hurt someone and need to slow it down.

So how about this? Keep me from going completely crazy by taking it easy through our neighborhoods and school zones. Take time to wave to the kiddos and your neighbors. And then you can look for me in the slow lane on the highway.

But enough about me (how unusual, I know). You’ve probably noticed by now that we have veteran newsman Bill O’Reilly on our cover this issue. And he is someone who really knows how to rant. In fact, I could probably learn a few things from him on the art of ranting.

Usually our Celebrated Week­end story focuses on one city, but O’Reilly takes it a step further. Because he’s so well-traveled, he offers his recommendations on hotels, restaurants, and the like all across the country.

So take a look and jot down all the places you want to check out on your future travels. There’s nothing better than having the inside scoop when visiting a new city, and we’ll continue to provide you with that in each and every issue.

Picture of Sheri Burns