School is in full swing now, and the kids are carting home loads of school projects and homework. It makes me sort of nostalgic for the days of sack lunches, recess, afternoon naps, and a little reading, writing, and arithmetic (okay, maybe I’m only nostalgic for recess and the naps). But just because our school days are over, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find ways to continue to learn and increase our knowledge base. To help you in that endeavor, we’ve put together a fabulous package of business-education stories.

Maybe you’re thinking you’d like to go back and get that all-important MBA — every Master of the Universe has one. Or perhaps your kids are considering graduate school. Then turn to our story, which examines the rating systems used by publications such as The Wall Street Journal to rank business schools and MBA programs. Those numbers have a surprising effect on the universities and their curricula.

If you already have your MBA, or the thought of spending months back in the classroom keeps you awake at night, don’t despair. You can still find yourself back on campus, thanks to multiday business classes being offered at many universities. This favorite new learning trend packs relevant information into anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months. It’s an excellent way to bone up on emerging business topics, as well as meet like-minded careerists who might be in a position to offer you a job one day. For those of us who are time-challenged, think of it as a way to get your networking and learning taken care of all at one time.

There are also ways to learn new tricks without ever leaving your desk. Thanks to advanced technology and a global workforce, “e-learning” is all the rage. No more classroom settings, no more bonding with your co-workers. Just you and your computer, learning together. But while e-learning is an excellent tool for getting groups of employees up to speed quickly and efficiently, it’s not right for all situations. When is the right time to use these tools, you ask? Read our story to find out.

Of course, we can’t be all work and no play, so we’ve included a couple of other educational stories that will pique your interest.

When we’re not at work, we spend a lot of time in front of the TV. And said TVs are getting increasingly bigger and increasingly more complicated. Before you plunk down any money for a new “work of art” for your living room, you’ll want to have a pretty good understanding of what’s available. So to help you in your quest for the biggest and the brightest, we delved deep into the world of plasma and LCD and emerged with a better understanding of what it all means. We share that knowledge with you.

If you’re not sitting behind your desk or plopped in front of the television, then hopefully you’re en route to some fantastic vacation destination. Travel is often the most powerful of educational tools, and historical tours can be the most inspiring of all. So consider our tour of some Revolutionary War sites along the East Coast. We chose five between Massachusetts and Virginia that are historically significant and awe-inspiring. Children and adults alike will find them captivating.

Whether it’s business or pleasure, your educational options are obviously endless. Just look at everything you’ve learned merely by reading this magazine. Don’t you feel smarter already?