Smart, beautiful, and interesting. What more could you ask for, right? Well, you’ll find it here, all wrapped up in one great issue.

First, we have a fabulous story on fashion. I’m certain I can count on all of the women to flip there immediately. And I’m certain the men are thinking, fashion schmashion. Why would I want to look at clothes? I’ll give you two reasons: Dockers and plaid shirts.

Ever since the advent of casual Friday, dressing well has seemed to become less and less of a priority for many of us (men and women alike). In fact, we’ve unwittingly adopted “uniforms.” Sure, these are perfectly fine clothes for the weekends and the golf course, but we could all use a little more style in our lives. And style is not always synonymous with expensive and uncomfortable. We’ve got just the right look for any situation, whether it’s a day in the boardroom or a day at the beach.

Also looking good this time of year are the trees on the East Coast. It’s fall foliage season, and the leaves are sporting all their best autumnal colors. It’s something everyone should see, so we tapped a New Englander to give his advice on how to make the best of your trip. He also shares some super spots where you can fill your belly and rest your head.

Rounding out our triumvirate of beauty is the sexy Diane Lane, who gives us an inside look at the equally sexy city of Buenos Aires. Lane, who turned up the heat in Unfaithful, can be seen on the big screen this month in Under the Tuscan Sun. And like her character in this movie, Lane once picked up and moved to a foreign country, only it was Argentina, not Italy. Lucky for you, she was willing to share her fond memories of Buenos Aires, as well as the places you shouldn’t miss when you’re there.

The rest of the stories in this issue may not be considered beautiful, but they are smart and interesting. We have a piece on the Army, but it’s not the same stuff you hear in the news these days. Here we take a look at what the Army has done to rebrand itself. Branding is a word heard more often in the corporate world than the government, but the Army took note of this trend and made huge strides in changing its image. In fact, corporations could probably learn a few things from its successful campaign.

Parents can learn a few things from our story on homework. This has become a hot topic across the country and has divided people into two camps: those who believe homework is helpful and necessary and those who don’t. Regardless of which camp you’re in, homework is here to stay — at least for a while. So we talked to experts on both sides and share their advice on how best to help your children (and you) cope with the work the kids cart home.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. No matter what you’re looking for — smart, beautiful, or interesting — we’ve got you covered. Just start reading.