What if I told you that Harleys are just not cool? Yeah, that’s what I thought. So I’m not going to tell you that. What I am going to tell you is that Harley has raised the bar, and its Japanese competitors are constantly trying to create a contender. This may well be the year that they’ve done it. Take a look at some of the coolest cruisers to come out of Japan in a long time. No matter which side of the Harley/Honda debate you come down on, you can’t help but admit these babies are stylish and powerful.

But enough about this touchy subject. Let’s move on to something a little less contentious — like football. The official season is just moments away, and no doubt sports fans across the country are stocking their fridges and plumping the pillows of the couch in preparation. But why sit at home and watch it on TV when you can be there enjoying every last minute of the action in real, live color?

No matter where you live or where you’re headed, there’s quite possibly a football game going on that’s worth your attention. But to make it even easier for you, in this issue we detail some of the stellar matchups that you can take in over a weekend. If you’re away on business, it’s the perfect reason to extend your trip. And if you’re stuck in the house, it’s the perfect excuse to get out. So click here, open your calendar, and start planning your season.

For those of you who cringe at the words “football season,” don’t click here! Instead, click here and bathe in the beauty of Mexico’s beaches. We’re all familiar with Acapulco and Cancún, but beyond those well-trodden spots, the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines have seen some tremendous growth in the last few years and are now dotted with fabulous restaurants and resorts. They’re still the kinds of places that make you believe you’ve just stumbled upon an undiscovered oasis, but word is out, so you’ll want to claim your piece of beach soon — before somebody beats you to it.

Also only moments away is the start of another school year, which in some ways marks the official end of summer. In anticipation of days filled with homework and soccer practice, we have the perfect back-to-school activity — build a treehouse! What better way for the family to bond than with hammers and saws in hand. OK, maybe there is a better way, but the camaraderie and instant gratification that comes from creating something together is unbeatable. And once the kids have gone to bed, you and your adult friends can climb on up with your favorite beverages and enjoy the cool night breezes. You’ll find everything you need to get started on page 48.

Whatever your pleasure, indulge and enjoy.