Over the years we’ve covered some pretty extreme adventure-travel stories in the pages of American Way, and they’ve always been a hit with readers. What’s bothered me, though, was how useful they were in real life. A grueling two-week trek through the mountains in some far-flung destination that requires months of training and vaccinations against any number of dreaded diseases? Sure, it’s fun to dream, but are you really going to do it? Chances are, probably not. So when we decided to devote an entire issue to adventure travel, we wanted the stories to be doable. That means destinations that are fairly easy to get to, and outings that are downright tame by most adventure standards.

Take “Scaling The Shawangunks” by veteran writer and climber Geoffrey Norman. In this cliffhanger, Norman turns us on to world-class climbing less than two hours from New York’s Grand Central Terminal. In “Happy Trails”, you’ll find tips on taking to the trails for your next run, complete with the best shoes for the job and top trails to try — all in cities near you.

“The Other Caribbean” explores the Central American side of the Caribbean, offering more remote outings than you’ll find in guidebooks, places where coconuts are currency and you fish for your own food. In “Life’s Trip”, the co-founder of Mountain Travel Sobek, the world’s largest adventure-travel company, regales us with tales of lifelong wanderlust — and treats us to his top tips and favorite places.

Even the Business section carries out the adventure theme, with a look at the return of satellite phones — albeit new and improved.

Your regular favorites get in on the adventure act as well, from 3 Bottles to Jim Shahin, and, of course, Celebrated Weekend — this issue featuring an adventurous weekend in Sydney with singer Natalie Imbruglia.

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Elaine Srnka