Late last year I wrote about my longing for a BlackBerry. Addicted to e-mail and text messaging, I just knew it would revolutionize my life. But because of said addiction, I also worried that to get one would only feed the monster.

Well, I broke down and made the purchase a few months ago, and the consensus is unanimous — not only did I feed the monster, I am the monster. My sister and I recently took a trip together to Austin (Nostalgia Tour 2005), and she was incredibly jealous of my little BlackBerry friend.

Not because she was impressed with its sleek design, speedy e-mail, killer calendar, or multitasking abilities. No, she was jealous because she felt I paid more attention to it than I did to her.

Not true. (We had entirely too much fun for that to be the case.) But I do admit that it occupied a lot of my time. I mean, is it really possible to ignore waiting e-mails? I think not.

In fact, its little blinking green/red light is somewhat Pavlovian. I’ve developed a bit of a tic from constantly glancing to see if anyone has written or called. And if the light remains green too long, I start to feel lonely.

I opted for the newer, not square, two-letters-to-a-key version. Veteran BlackBerryists warned me that I wouldn’t like it. Seems they just can’t fathom giving up one letter per key, even if they look like they’re holding a blue waffle up to their ears.

But I have had no problem adapting to the keyboard. Perhaps it’s because I’m young (40 is young, right?) and less resistant to change.

Friends have pointed out that I’ve already adopted the international BlackBerry posture: chin tucked, BlackBerry held at chest level, thumbs flying.

Since getting my BlackBerry, I haven’t been able to stop talking about it and showing off its features. I’ve convinced many people to get one (too bad I can’t get commission). But others have said that they don’t want to be so accessible. I’m just the opposite. I’m irritated if people aren’t as accessible as I am! Plus, there’s nothing better than taking the afternoon off, and knowing there are no looming crises. I call it peace of mind.

My BlackBerry and I have become such an inseparable pair, a coworker suggested I write my column on it. A perfect idea, especially since we have our Digital Life section in this issue (see one story on-linie WI-FI Clouds In Your Forecast ).

So I’ve worked on this column wherever and whenever the mood and/or inspiration has struck me — in the airport, on a plane, in my car, standing in line for a movie. It’s so incredibly easy and convenient, I just don’t understand why everyone doesn’t want one.

I hope you have been working on your Road Warrior entry as hard as I’ve been working on my BBerry. Because when this magazine comes off the planes on July 14, the contest is over. Gone will be your chance to win great prizes from Hilton HHonors, American AAdvantage, Panasonic, and T-Mobile. So stop procrastinating and turn it in now. Good luck!
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