When American Way ran a feature on the best mountain bikes in last year's July 15 issue, it prompted great response from our readers. Stories on top products to buy are always popular, and when we combine that with a sports slant and a time hook, the story’s sure to be a winner.

Everyone loves adventurous outdoor activities, but we realize that they should be attainable and realistic — after all, most of us are weekend sports warriors. That’s why this issue’s Lifestyle feature,"Hit The Road", is such a great combo. We asked Ben Hewitt, the same writer who tackled that mountain bike feature, to round up the year’s best road bikes. It’s reasonable to assume that while many of you may not have a mountain in your neighborhood to bike, most of you do have roads to ride. So you could argue that this collection of drool-worthy wheels is downright practical, despite some of the price tags. I must confess that the story idea was inspired by our publishing group president, whose latest passion is road bikes. He really knows his stuff, and we all breathed a sigh of relief when he gave the story a thumbs up. It’s especially timely considering the Tour de France is taking place this month, and you’ll find a primer on who to watch in the big race within the story.

Elsewhere in this issue, check out our Travel piece on London’s new bar scene. Writer Chris Barnett reports that while traditional pubs are still popular, there’s a whole new cocktail craze sweeping the city. Also in Travel, you can’t miss our stunning cover story, Celebrated Weekend, this time featuring Kathy Ireland’s Puerto Vallarta.

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