For those of us who make our homes north of the equator, summer is loudly announcing itself with its usual coterie: heat, blue skies, humidity, sunshine, bugs, and storms. It’s definitely a mixed bag as far as seasons go. But despite that, summertime is, in my opinion, one of the best times of year. Or at least it used to be.

Once upon a time, not even that long ago it seems, summertime was full of promise and fun and freedom. As kids, it meant days of staying outside from dawn till dusk, swimming and playing with friends. As teens, it meant time off from teachers and homework. Left to our own devices, we perfected our driving skills, our tans, and our socializing. College looked very similar, except that we were much more grown-up. Today, summer hardly looks different from any other season. We might take notice of the temperature as we walk from our car (or the subway) to our office and then back again, but gone are the days when we could while away the hours with a good book or a good friend.

Thankfully, we still have evenings and weekends in which to indulge in the summertime frame of mind. Sure there are those of you who prefer that the mercury stay below 60, but you need to remind yourself that summer shouldn’t be measured in degrees but in memories. To help you do that, take a peek at our classic cars story. These babies will surely take you back to the days of cruising around town, the music blaring, the wind in your hair. Whether you were driving a Corolla or a Camaro, you were still the coolest guy (or gal) on the road.

Another favorite from summertime’s greatest hits is the family vacation. No matter if you have kids or not, summer is always the signal to get up and go. And while I have great memories of piling into the station wagon with my parents and siblings and driving cross-country to “get away from it all,” there’s nothing better than boarding a plane to see the world. While you may not get the nostalgic bathroom stops and roadside eats, the view from 30,000 feet is equally memorable — and the pretzels are great!

If you haven’t done it already, start planning your summer vacation. Now’s the time to head for the beaches, the mountains, the national parks, or even south of the equator, where it’s sure to be cooler. For those of you on that other side of the equator, come on up where the weather is warm and the sunshine is in abundance. If you need help deciding where to go, visit us at We have so many great destination stories in our archives that you’ll have trouble narrowing it down.

So while you’re traveling from here to there, whether for business or for pleasure, pretend you’re on summer vacation and while away the time with us and all the great reading we have to offer you. From a trip to Austin with actor Luke Wilson to top-notch advice on how to quiet the parent hecklers at the kids’ soccer games to the labor shortage (really!) that is closer than it seems, we cover everything you want and ought to know.