No Celebrated Weekend feature in recent memory has generated as much buzz as this issue’s cover star. It started early, when contributing editor Mark Seal first proposed talking to Matthew McConaughey about his favorite town, Austin, Texas. Word spread through the office hallways fast, and everyone eagerly anticipated the interview and the photographs. Granted, by “everyone” I mean the many women in our publishing group, but somehow McConaughey manages to be a guy’s guy and a ladies’ man at the same time.

As you can see for yourself by the photographs and when you read the interview, his fans here were not disappointed. Some of my co-workers — and I won’t name names — practically growled with excitement over the finished product. I have to agree. Besides being so devilishly handsome, McConaughey offers a take on Austin that is exactly what you’d expect: hip, in-the-know, but a little funky and not necessarily the obvious choices. To me, the best Celebrated Weekend features are the ones where you can really “hear” the celebrity’s voice as he or she guides you through the city, and this one is my latest favorite.

Elsewhere, you’ll find articles on the newest trend in Vegas dining (no, it’s not another report on the proliferation of high-end restaurant clones; this one’s a new twist) and an opinionated piece on the favorite wines of the moment, as picked by the top chefs and wine experts in the United States.

There’s also a cool interview with the CEO of Harley-Davidson in our Business section. With the company celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, we take a look at its phenomenal success and the reasons behind it.

As always, there’s much more. Let us know what you think at editor@american