If I can say one thing about Donald Trump, it’s that he sees what he wants and has the uncanny ability to get it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a building, a woman, a business, a piece of land, or even, remarkably, a place in our living rooms via a TV show. And no matter how many times he falters (bankruptcy, divorce, lawsuits), through some combination of luck, skill, negotiation, and ego, he manages to reinvent himself and come out on top again and again.

Intrigued by this, I watched him closely during our photo shoot at his office in New York. One of the most striking observations (besides the spectacular view of the city and Central Park, and an enormous tennis shoe that was apparently left behind by basketball player Tim Duncan) was that the man does not converse with you. He simply talks at you. Nonstop. About himself. Which is what makes Trump the perfect subject according to Michael Kaplan, who interviewed The Donald for us. There’s simply no end to the stories he’ll tell and the information he’ll give. As the interviewer, you merely have to sit back, listen, and keep writing. If you click here, you’ll see what I’m talking about, as well as learn about all the places you might run into Trump in New York.

Then we give you the opportunity to stake your claim on something you want — the title of ultimate Road Warrior. Lots of you have been asking about it, and the time is finally here for the 3rd Annual American Way Road Warrior Search. As in past years, it’s your job to convince us that you are the most savvy, hard-working, flyingest business traveler out there. I suggest you take a page from Trump’s playbook and talk at us. Nonstop. About yourself.

In addition to the fame, glory, and bragging rights that go along with being named the ultimate Road Warrior (and don’t underestimate the notoriety that comes with having your picture in our magazine), the grand-prize winner will get two million
Hilton HHonors Bonus Points, which can be used at any participating Hilton Family hotel in the world, as well as one million American Airlines AAdvantage Miles to get you there. You’ll be able to live in Trump style for quite some time with this amount of points and miles.

And we don’t just name one winner. There is also a second-place winner who will receive a Bose Lifestyle 28 Home Entertainment System and a Panasonic Toughbook 73 Laptop, and three third-prize Road Warriors who each receive two years of T-Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi Internet service for a laptop or pda, as well as a Panasonic Toughbook.

Because we know how often you travel and how technologically plugged in you all are, this year’s contest will only be available online. So you don’t have to mess with stamps and envelopes and writing utensils. Just go to www.americanwaymag.com/roadwarriorr and start telling us all about yourself. You only have until July 31 to enter, so I highly recommend you get started now. We read and evaluate each and every entry, and we pay a lot of attention to your answers to the essay questions. If you want to start thinking about those now, click here for a peek at them, as well as all the other important details.

So let’s just see how Trumplike you are in your ability to get what you want. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Road Warrior? We’re all looking forward to hearing from you.

Picture of Sheri Burns