If you turn to the back page — hold on, don’t do it yet, read this first! — you’ll find a familiar face — the ever popular Jim Shahin. I have no doubt you’ll recognize this affable fella and his words. His column is one of the most widely read fixtures in our magazine. But in all honesty, I think Jim’s column is read as much by the people who hate him as the people who love him. That’s just the way it goes with Jim. Love him or hate him, you’re reading him. And you’ve been reading him for 10 years!

Jim Shahin became an editor with American Way magazine back in 1990. He spent a few years in the office with us, and then decided it was time to bust out. On January 1, 1993, he penned his first column, and he’s been penning them every two weeks since. If you do some quick math in your head, you’ll hopefully come up with the same number I did — more than 200 columns! That’s a lot of entertaining. And I can’t think of a better person to do it. Jim’s take on the world, and his way of telling us about it, is original and funny. So go ahead, flip to the back page, take a look at Jim’s new home, and feel free to laugh out loud.

After that, flip around through the rest of the magazine. There’s lots of great stuff to read, such as our story on how intimidating bosses can affect the bottom line — in a negative way. Whether you are one or you work for one, you’ll find this story enlightening and helpful. Another must-read is our story on the nutritional guidelines. As the summer season descends and we all start worrying about our exteriors, we’re faced with a plethora of eating tips. As it turns out, the age-old food pyramid is not necessarily the one we want to follow. There are all sorts of new theories to be baffled by. No matter which one you subscribe to, just remember that while we all want to look good on the outside, making sure our innards are in good shape is even more important. So eat well and eat right.

One of the best places to eat well is Boston, and Marky Mark Wahlberg . (I bet he wishes that name would just go away) takes us on a terrific tour of his hometown. He even gives us the stories behind his tattoos, and also shares his top 10 favorite restaurants in the world (he’s obviously a well-rounded guy, comfortable in all kinds of crowds). I’m betting you’ll find a couple of new ones to try out. And feel free to send us your top 10 favorite restaurants around the globe. We’d love to hear about what you’re eating and the places you’ve found.

Before I sign off, let me give you a little advance notice. On June 15, it will be time to celebrate dads. So start planning now, as Dad is the last person you want to have forgotten when the big day rolls around. Coming up in our June 15 issue, we’ve got a great story on the best of the best classic cars. I bet Dad would really love one — a car, not a magazine! So tell him his gift is on the way, check out our story in the next issue, and then the two of you can pick out his dream car together. Or at least mail him the issue with his Father’s Day card and tell him you’re saving up for next year.